1950s Fashion Back in Vogue

When frequenting the local boutique shops and even the main commercial stores, it is easy to see older fashion rising to the top yet again. Ripped baggy tops are reminiscent of the 80s style and bright neon colors have also come back into popularity. But the one style that usually does not make its appearance is the 50s’ more demure yet sexy look.

The 1950s was the time of pencil skirts down past the knee and dresses that, although fitted, showed nothing, but hinted at everything. When visiting local department stores such as Macy’s, it is surprising to see less revealing clothes that fit women with a curvier form, which was extremely popular back in 50s. Marilyn Monroe was sultry at size 14 with her body-hugging dresses and sexy style. Lucky for the curvy women of today, this is coming back.

Presently, at most stores you can find small sweaters meant to be worn tight or to just cover the strapless dress or top. I recently picked up a carnation pink sweater with large black flowers placed on the front, so reminiscent of the 1950s with its bold yet cute design. Polka dots have also made a big splash again and seem to be showing up everywhere. The classic button up dress shirt with polka dots and a cinched waist has become extremely popular and sexy on women of all sizes. Tights in all range of colors and materials have also become a need for a woman’s wardrobe.

The 1950s was all about elegance, class and innuendo in clothing. The sexiness was not in how much it revealed, but what the clothing didn’t reveal, leaving men to fantasize about the sensual curves barely disguised in the fitted clothing. What is a surprise though are the dresses that have most recently come back into fashion. The sun dress from the 50s with a square neck line, cinched waist and flared skirt. These were usually made with stiff materials such as eyelet or seersucker. When visiting Torrid or Papaya, you can see these dresses have also made their come back, with the same style and material as one once found so many years ago. Although the neckline has dropped some, the length has stayed the same, updating the look but still keeping its true elegant beauty.

Although for teenagers today, the 1950s seems ancient and outdated, the style has definitely come back full force into the fashion world for everyone to wear. Luckily for the curvier women such as myself, the new style is extremely flattering. But it is perfect for women of all sizes and ages.