I thought you were the man of my dreams
The man I was waiting for
After all we had been through
We thought we had scored

My kids were so happy 
Always smiling and content 
None of us had any idea 
You were such a threat

As time went by we saw the signs 
Of an animal in you 
We were so afraid 
We thought we would die

Everything is an issue 
A reason for you to attack 
And open your mouth 
And leave us for dead

Sometimes I fell like dying 
Of getting up and closing you mouth 
Your tongue is made of venom 
so deadly, so deadly, I’m in despair

Someone lower the volume of his insults! 
Your no good, your a whore, your kids are trash! 
Someone please help me understand! 
The man I new has passed

Daughter, son, gather your things 
We must go, we must let go, 
Love produces loving words 
Not words that cause pain

Hurry, hurry before he gets home 
We’ll be alright 
God will show us the road

The End