When I was younger I never really pictured myself being as close to my mom as I am. Especially because we are so much alike. You know when people are to much alike they clash, but not my mom and I. However we will let each other know where we stand. She taught me that. My mom is not the type of mom to get mushy over girly things. She has always been one tough cookie strong, independent, liberal kind of women and raised me that way which I am so thankful for. Had she babied me I would not be where I am today. My mom has always been the backbone in our family. If she were worried about something she would never really show it. When she is pissed off, trust me she let’s you know that and watch out because the shoe or paddle was coming your way.

Another thing about my mom is when she sets her mind to do something she does it. No if’s, and’s or but’s, she did it. She means business and when it requires commitment you know she will follow through. My mom I believe is mis-understood. Some would probably say she was a bitch, but the fact is she just tells it like it is, no sugar coating, somewhat aggressive and forward but honest, very honest. She does have a soft side but very few people have ever had the honor of getting close enough to see that side of her. If you do, you would see that she is really sweet at times and really kind of humbling. “Sorry mom for blowing your cover”!

My mom is very serious, and it takes a lot to make her laugh. She is her own person and that obviously make’s her who she is. She can be stubborn and hard to please being set in her ways. She does not like large crowds, hates loud music, can’t stand to be around drinking drunks, and she does not like ruthless individuals. She likes quiet days at home, drinking her coffee and she is just mellow.

One thing about my mom is she is always there for us (her children). She will do whatever she can to help. She loves her kids and she makes sure that we all know. She has always been there to help out any way she can and she also knows that we all would do whatever for her whenever. My mom loves to shop and spend money. I am usually her partner when it comes to that, probably not as often as she would want, but we enjoy it when we do. My older sister and her talk about weird games they get into on the play station. Yes my mother is 63 and one of the best play station gamers. It is so funny to see her play this, but it is one of her things she loves to do. She and I also share our favorite sports which are gymnastics and ice skating. She always gets tickets for me and her to go see “Stars on Ice” every year. My older brother doesn’t come around much, he is the macho son that don’t need anyone, but I think now that he is getting older he actually goes and see’s her a little more. About the only thing she and he have in common this going to early morning breakfast. My younger brother is my mothers keeper sort of. He makes sure he does pretty much anything for our mom. He worries that she lives alone, and he just worries about her period. Especially ever since our father died, he tends to check up on her the most.

She is one of the most important people in my life and I will always be there for my mom. To understand her is the key to loving her. One thing she holds very close to her heart is us her children because she really doesn’t have much family. She had only one brother who she lost unfortunately last year and her parents died when she was young, and she didn’t have a big family to begin with. I give her so much credit though because she does not let it bother her, as long as she has her kids she is good. There are four of us and she has 11 grandchildren, 5 great grandchildren and 1 more great grandchild on the way.

Another thing that really impresses me about my mom is she is alone but makes the best of it. Usually people would think of someone that likes to be alone a lot are just loners. Not my mom, because she does it all she travels all alone and has seen some beautiful places. She has been to Hawaii twice, she went on an Alaskan Cruise, she flies back east to Massachusetts to visit some of her little family and some of my dad’s family. She has gone with her brother many many times to Canada where they found distant family to go and visit. They have been to several parts of Canada and she just got to see Niagara Falls before my uncle died. She went to Mazatlan with some friends once and I am not sure where else she has gone, but she has definitely enjoyed herself. She is planning as we speak to maybe go somewhere else, maybe Europe or something. I think it is fantastic and brave of her to just go do this on her own and see the world.

Because of my mom’s strength and independence it enables me to respect her even more than I do already. I know that she misses my father tremendously (he passed away 13 years ago) but what impresses me is that she didn’t allow herself to lie down and just die with him, she made herself get up and be the women she always has been and more. I love her to death and I wouldn’t change her for nobody. As I said before, I don’t need Mother’s Day to be able to share this women with the world.

I love you Mom!!!