Dress for Success

It has been said many times that first impressions are the keys to open doors and letting the world see what a valuable bright star you can be. First of all you need to know what to wear for every occasion. For instance, if you were invited to a casual event you shouldn’t dress formal or sporty. Be sure to do a little of both with attire that will show you as a professional, but with a relaxed more casual style. When it comes to shade always wear the colors that compliments your skin, hair and eyes so people can remember you by appearance. Accentuate your best features to be more attractive with subtlety. Meaning, dress to flatter in a modest way not tight or too baggy for people of all sizes. Express yourself with a particular style suitable for work, church, casual and sports that shows your individual personality.

When it comes to hair style once can do a variety of things to using pieces, getting perms or relaxers, special styling devices, or wigs and toupees. The best way to style your hair is to bring out the shape of your face, and draw attention on your eyes. Pay close attention to you flaws as well when choosing a hair style. For example, one with a short neck and a large face should have a longer hair style to make the neck look longer. For a large face, the mane should be brought forward surrounding the shape of the face to make it look slimmer. For large and wide foreheads , bangs would be appropriate to wear to balance out the features. For large noses or long noses the best hair style would be to wear the hair back and up in a style to make the eyes look at the whole picture not focus on one element. If hair is thin puff it out with curls. If hair is too thick or curly thin it out straighter. If your hair cannot grow to do these styles use weaves or go as is dressing in colors and clothing that will balance your look.

Your skin and teeth should be the first priority of appearance above all the others due to the fact that it is your basic look. For skin not only are products what you need, but diet plays a large part in how you look. You want a flawless appearance without wrinkle or blemish to show you as a person who takes care of his or her health. Keep a balance diet, lay low on the spicy, greasy fattening and sugary foods. When you keep those basic rules, you may find that you do not need products for your skin. If it is hereditary use only the best products to tighten and brighten your face. I recommend using Glycerin soap or ivory for the cleaner almost radiant look. Use baking soda and salt to whiten your teeth, floss, mouth wash and brush at least twice a day. Remember to keep all these factors in mind when coming out into the world to make the best impression every where you go and still letting the world see who you are in the process.

Dressing Your Best

This article will discuss how to put your best foot forward in the name of fashion. Everybody has their own style and I do not want to discourage you from expressing yourself. Although, you should avoid some things in the realm of fashion.

When you are attired in shirts or dresses that have spaghetti straps or no sleeves, always wear a strapless bra! The garment ‘s impact is diminished by the appearance fof a bra strap.. If you are wearing a solid t-shirt, pair it with a simple rope chain necklace or a pair of dangle earrings.

Now let’s talk about shoes. Clam diggers, pants that end at the ankle and less form fitting than Capri’s, look fashionable with flats. Don’t wear boots with a dress. This will convey a mixed message of whether you are going for a dressy or casual look.

White is in for this season . Consider the following tips; don’t wear a white bra under a sheer white top. Pick an undergarment that is beige in color. Don’t advertise you underwear… In other words, don’t wear dark underwear under tight white pants. Also bulky accessories like lace up espadrilles are a no with the color white, which has a high impact in itself. Less is more, wear a ring on each finger.

Now for some do’s when wearing white. Add a color scarf to a all white outfit. Also a simple white top goes great with a pair of jeans. If you are fighting the battle of the bulge, don’t buy horizontal striped shirt. I made the mistake myself and one look in the mirror cured me of putting this garment on in public.

Makeup should put on in small amounts. Too much makeup distracts from the real beauty of aperson. You should notice a lady’s features not the makeup. I would recommend don’t overdo on the eyeliner. It can distract attention from your eyes. Frosty blue eye shadow belongs in the 70’s not in the year 2006. as well as the frosty lip color. This type of makeup does not look natural. Opt for a neutral color eyeshadow like beige that has a works on everybody and brings out your own beauty.

Now I understand that everybody wants to look young, I am in my forties myself. I recommend clam diggers for spring. They are less form fitting and look very stylish and young without giving away your age. So remember girls this is only a guide… These tips are offered in order to help you in your quest to be fashionable. Take these tips with the well meaning intentions behind them and happy fashion hunting.


You wore those play clothes as a child–

Those hidden in a chest.

And dreamed of the day you would be wed–

In satin would be dressed.

Did you imagine such a day–

With family and with guests–

Just like today–who wish you joy

And wish you all the best?


She nonchalantly walks through the door.
To her it was just another store.
She looks the part-together, well dressed.

Not at all like a disheveled mess.
She’s no different than the other shoppers that day.
But the sales clerks treat her in a different way.
As She shops She sees one standing close by.
Always watching her with a keen eye.
“May I help you?” the clerk asks without a smile.
“I’ve noticed that you’ve been here awhile.”
She looks up and politely said “No thank you,”
Then finds a blouse in the perfect shade of blue.
While She thinks about how nice it would look on her,
She sees a clerk spying around the corner.
She wonders why the clerks were following her about.
She had been targeted; there was no doubt.
All of the other shoppers were being treated right.
All of the other shoppers there were white.
She notices with them there was no big deal.
No one assumes they were going to steal.
Once again, She feels bad because of her skin.
But being born black should not be a sin.
Their transparent suspicions have gotten out of hand.
So today She decides she will take a stand.
She puts down the blouse and walks toward the door.
Her money would not be spent in this store.
She looks back at the clerks and said with a snipe.

More Tae Kwon Do Dress Code

In the dojang, wear nothing overt
as in coming to class in a skirt.
The Master dislikes it,
and he near had a fit
from my beautiful Hawaiian shirt.

At this dojang, we go by the clocks. 
And we learn from the school of hard knocks. 
The clocks say “tick, tick” 
while we punch and kick. 
And we love our Instructor – Ms. Fox.


Dawn comes early, 
Like those dark hours 
That disappear when you 
Least expect them to. 
When your life has gone 
All wrong, and something 
Good happens for no reason.

Dawn comes quickly, 
Yes, like the grains of sand 
Through an hour glass, 
When you had what you needed 
Before you knew what it was, 
Or knew that you needed it.

Dawn comes regardless, 
Not heeding your denial 
To be awakened from the nightmare, 
Not stopping cause the world has ended, 
Nor being as small as a universe 
Wrapped in a small realm.

Dawn comes when I need her. 
And yes, she knows that too. 
Fully aware of my heart and 
How fragile it has become, how much 
Of me can be consumed by her eternal 
Flame, so . . . . .

I need her now. 
Like I need the air I breathe, 
Like I need the blood in my veins, 
Like I need my heart, not just to push 
The flame of her through me, 
But to save my soul.

To You

Soul mates

Are stolen crates of wishes

Forget love letters

Forget drug & sex woos

All we want is a friend

Funny how friend is now taboo

Pick a pocket full of daisies for no one

No one wants a pocket of something that dies

Yet we all die

We all perish

So why does it matter what we give

As long as we give freely

Instead we take cheaply lavish

And shove it in our pockets

Of bed-posts, of lamp-shades

Of never-seen river-glades

Where we bury the bodies

Of souls we never knew

Never took the time to

Never had the mind to sense

All these warning bells and chimes

Could never recompense

For time spent

For words lent

So cheaply

We’ve grown so cheaply

Accept a videotape

Watch the actions

Ignore the lips not moving

Watch the actions

Ignore the edits

Watch the actions

Miss the key plot

Sleep through it

Too busy dozing off

You’ve missed it

We could’ve had it all

If only we had time

But we missed it

Me one moment off

You a lifetime

27 Dresses

I took a trip to the movie theater to check out the movie “27 Dresses”. The film stars Katherine Heigl (Jane), James Marsden (Kevin), Judy Greer (Casey) and Malin Akerman (Tess). I wanted to check out the movie since I’m an admirer of Katherine Heigl’s and Judy Greer’s. I anticipated a highly comedic and ultra-romantic film that would stay with me long after I exited the theater. Let’s just say I tend to have high hopes for films.

The Cast

I think that the choice of cast was great. The cast members, as individuals, definitely have had great performances in their careers. However, in this film, the chemistry between the cast members was inconsistent. I felt that the chemistry, in general, between Jane and Kevin was great early in the film, grew throughout the middle portion of the film. I feel, though, that the chemistry failed at the movie’s conclusion and didn’t deliver the punch it could have.

Independently, Katherine Heigl was believable and adorable, though in a couple of scenes her performance was a bit over the top and borderline cheesy. Marsden’s performance was seamless. I think he nailed the devilishly handsome, but pessimistic and sarcastic bit.

Judy Greer as Casey was perfection and was the real comedic force in the film. I believe she really carried the whole thing on her shoulders despite the fact that she wasn’t the lead actress. She totally has movie ‘lead’ potential and I hope to see her in such a role in the near future.

Malin Ackerman as Jane’s bratty sister Tess looked beautiful and her character oozed confidence, but she didn’t deliver as memorable a performance as she could have.

The Story and Script

I really feel the premise of the story was wonderful. It had the potential to really blow me away like “Never Been Kissed” or “13 Going On 30”. The writers, talented as they may be, neglected to stimulate the audience (or at least me) with witty and smart conversation throughout the film. The movie seemed really familiar to me. I kept the film was like “Seinfeld” without the steady stream of punch lines. That said, I hold the dialogue written into the script responsible for the inconsistent chemistry between Marsden’s and Heigl’s characters over the course of the movie.


Despite the faults I find with the movie, I must say I enjoyed watching most of it. “27 Dresses” doesn’t make a big entrance at the start of the film and neglected to blow me away at the end. It neither left me thinking of anything profound, nor dreading my decision to venture out to the theaters to watch the movie.


My destiny is my own
My good fortune is my blessing, mine alone
Everything that is mine, I accept and am thankful for

I accept me and love me from this moment on
I accept my blessings – NOW
I accept love – NOW
I accept prosperity – NOW
I accept myself – NOW
I accept those who love me – NOW
I accept good health – NOW
I accept courage – NOW
I accept comfort – NOW
I accept the truth – NOW
I accept happiness – NOW
I accept popularity – NOW
I accept peace – NOW
I accept clarity – NOW
I accept memories – NOW
I accept dreams – NOW
I forgive all and everything – NOW
Who I am and what I have are blessed – NOW
It is all up to ME… here and NOW.


she felt his hands on her as she tried to run away
a barrage of beatings followed as he left no parts of her body untouched.
it’s been the same way for several years now, almost in the same position as she lay
she’d tried to be nice to him as much as possible but all it took was one little snap to get at her in a rush.

when this would stop, she has no idea
all she knows is he’s too old to still be doing this
when others his age would shower her with lots of hugs and care
he’s too concerned with her slaving for him to even notice.
not too long ago he was begging to be let back in
saying he’d do anything to help in anyway he could
but just several weeks passed and he’s back to committing the same sin
unearthing so many closed chapters and inflicting several wounds
she wonders how much she can take before this is over
and she smiles as she sees the end isn’t too far ahead
the end whereafter she doesn’t have to take cover
or hide her eyes from any one noticing their once permanent colour-red