We shouldn’t speak so oftly.

My conversation lapses; breaks

And each time you pick up the pieces,

Sarcasm and hints of sexuality

Weakening me in octaves

Speak to me again, and forever, and again,

Deliver me into this sensuality.

Your jests, stroke my confidence

Are you nervous?

Are you anxious?

Your smile is infectious.

I have a thought to share

But it’s gone quickly from my tongue

Leaving merely the lustful taste

Of an introspective moment.

And there are too many like this…

Too bold or sinful to share.

Ah… the games we seek to play.

The difficult dares and rules we’ve vowed

and broken.

But find me again, and soon, and again

Recklessly I await, inspired for more

Shh… now,

We shouldn’t speak so oftly.

(I’ve never wanted someone so badly as you.)