To Get to You

Is anything impossible? Too far out of reach? I think not!

Distance is just a point between you and me — the space of air and trees, buildings, mountains and bodies of water that is big enough to divide us from each other, yet did not prevent our two worlds from colliding. Funny you looked my way. Strange that I looked back. I seldom trust, though want to; often hope, but am often disappointed. I’ve been fooled by things that looked real and turned out to be counterfeit. I’ve dreamed a thousand dreams, only to be awakened to reality. How can this work? In truth, I don’t know. What I do know is that it can. I’ve held many hands, warm and strong, yet with no connection, not even a spark to jump start my heart. Yet, with you, a million miles away, I’ve managed to see in your eyes and hear in your voice something strong enough to make my heart beat again, like a thousand volts of electricity jolting me back to life.

I believe in the impossible. I dare to dream dreams. I’m the one who will climb the highest mountain and swim the deepest ocean to reach something that matters, to touch someone that is worth it. And you’re worth it.