To You

Soul mates

Are stolen crates of wishes

Forget love letters

Forget drug & sex woos

All we want is a friend

Funny how friend is now taboo

Pick a pocket full of daisies for no one

No one wants a pocket of something that dies

Yet we all die

We all perish

So why does it matter what we give

As long as we give freely

Instead we take cheaply lavish

And shove it in our pockets

Of bed-posts, of lamp-shades

Of never-seen river-glades

Where we bury the bodies

Of souls we never knew

Never took the time to

Never had the mind to sense

All these warning bells and chimes

Could never recompense

For time spent

For words lent

So cheaply

We’ve grown so cheaply

Accept a videotape

Watch the actions

Ignore the lips not moving

Watch the actions

Ignore the edits

Watch the actions

Miss the key plot

Sleep through it

Too busy dozing off

You’ve missed it

We could’ve had it all

If only we had time

But we missed it

Me one moment off

You a lifetime