she felt his hands on her as she tried to run away
a barrage of beatings followed as he left no parts of her body untouched.
it’s been the same way for several years now, almost in the same position as she lay
she’d tried to be nice to him as much as possible but all it took was one little snap to get at her in a rush.

when this would stop, she has no idea
all she knows is he’s too old to still be doing this
when others his age would shower her with lots of hugs and care
he’s too concerned with her slaving for him to even notice.
not too long ago he was begging to be let back in
saying he’d do anything to help in anyway he could
but just several weeks passed and he’s back to committing the same sin
unearthing so many closed chapters and inflicting several wounds
she wonders how much she can take before this is over
and she smiles as she sees the end isn’t too far ahead
the end whereafter she doesn’t have to take cover
or hide her eyes from any one noticing their once permanent colour-red