As they always say: a picture is worth a thousand words. But this word has become so powerful that no one picture can overcome the myriad pictures it can unleash in your mind; even in the most pious of minds!

You are sitting on the bar slowly sipping on your double-olive martini shaken by the loud music and stirred by what your eyes can see. The combination of absolutely delicious vodka, billowing cigarette smoke, ravaging harsh music, and the all but innocuous flickering darkness keying notes of a mating call on the receptors of your primitive brain. All of your senses are disinhibited and anything at that very moment makes sense. The sight of a tall and slender beauty staring at you in the near distance consumes every second of your thoughts.

You rise slowly from your chair holding the bar not to tip over it. You walk tipsy toward your target balanced with a martini glass in one hand and the anticipation of your partner-to-be in the other.

You greet the lady with a casual hi and complement her beauty telling her that you have never seen such a pretty face. She looks you in the eye and sarcastically but arrogantly asks the question: how can you see my beauty in this dark environment? You tell her it’s because you glow in the dark. She laughs and at the very end of her inviting giggle you kiss her glowing lips.

You dance for a while and offer her a drink. You order a large glass of martini with two olives and share the drink and divide the olives.

She reaches for your hand wanting to leave this place. You disembark on a journey to one of the most romantic of journeys: a walk in the alleys of Venice. You spend the night working every sinful pleasurable side of your senses till you are drunk with love.

This picture will remain etched in your mind as the single most potent picture the word on your mind can paint. It is not the act itself but the moment of perfection; the moment of mutual yet perfect perception.